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Early Childhood CARES Classrooms

Early Childhood CARES has many different educational options for young children. Services are also provided through community partners.

It is our goal to provide educational services in the “least restrictive,” or most typical, setting that will allow a child to make progress and is as close to home as possible.

See our current class schedule here.

  • Home Visits: Parents receive home visits from an early intervention specialist, and they are taught techniques to help their child learn new skills.
  • Parent Toddler Classes: This program offers weekly parent-child groups. Parents learn skills and parenting information while children learn in an enriched environment. In addition, home visits are provided to all children and their parents.
  • Toddler Plus Classes: These classes are designed for parents and toddlers who may have some characteristics of autism. Children learn communication and social skills with other children and parents learn skills that can be applied at home. Home visits are also provided.
  • Community Preschools: Children receive education services in community preschools. Early childhood special educators assist preschool teachers to meet the child’s unique learning needs. Parent consultation is also provided.
  • Collaboration Classrooms: These classrooms include staff and children enrolled by our community partners, including the City of Eugene, Head Start of Lane County and Willamalane Parks and Recreation
  • A Child’s Garden: This preschool is specifically designed for children with an educational eligibility of autism and who need a very structured educational program.
  • Speech Groups or Speech Therapy: Speech groups or individual speech therapy is provided to children with needs only in the areas of speech and/or language.
  • Deaf & Hard of Hearing (DHH) Classroom: This preschool is specifically designed as a bilingual environment to include children who need access to visual language. The class is co-taught by a Teacher for the Deaf and an Early Childhood CARES teacher.
  • Preschool Classrooms: These classrooms serve children who are not able to meet their educational goals in a community preschool setting. The classrooms are located in Cottage Grove, Eugene, Fern Ridge, Florence, Oakridge and Springfield, and may enroll peer models.
  • Explorer’s Classes: These classes are designed for children with delays in communication and other areas of development. Children attend two days a week and have the opportunity to practice language and social skills in a rich environment.
  • Communication Classes: These classes serve children with needs only in the areas of speech and/or language. Children receive speech therapy and practice their skills with other children. Children also learn other social communication skills, such as following directions, waiting for a turn, listening and sharing.

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