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Family Goals

Family goals are part of a child’s IFSP. Here are some ideas for family goals.

Child Development Information:
Learn about your child’s development in social-emotional, physical, self-help, thinking, sensory, speech, language and social-communication skills.

Disability Information and Research:
Learn how to access current information about your child’s specific disability, learning style and intervention needs. Find national and local resources that may be helpful (e.g., Developmental Disabilities Program, SSI, various websites, etc.)

Learn how to participate on your child’s IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan) team as a confident and collaborative member and navigate agencies that can further assist your child.

Developmentally Appropriate Activities:
Learn about motivating activities that help your child practice skills while having fun.

Routine Activities:
Learn how to use everyday activities at home (e.g., meals, dressing, playing, bathing, etc.) to help your child become independent in daily routines.

Behavior and Emotional Support:
Learn how to use positive behavior support strategies at home, school and in community activities to help your child:

    • Become safe and stay safe.
    • Enjoy positive and nurturing interactions with others.
    • Participate in consistent routines with clear expectations.
    • Manage emotions and develop problem-solving skills.

Trainings, Workshops, Support Groups and Community Resources:
Learn about opportunities to support your child and family goals.

Community Resources
Learn about community resources. Some areas include: health care, mental health and counseling services, childcare, private therapies, parenting groups, support groups, etc.

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